Q:   I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on marketing or advertising. How much is this going to cost?

We really believe that every business is different… and every project is different. That’s why you’ll never find flat-rate pricing on our website. To be perfectly honest, we won’t be able to give you an accurate quote until we have a chance to learn more about your business, your marketing objectives, goals, etc. It would be irresponsible for us to do an estimate without understanding your individual business needs and helping you make the best use of the funds you have to spend.

What we can say with confidence is that no budget is too small. Maybe you don’t have 100% of the funding required to do your “dream” website redesign right now… That’s OK. We can help figure out a solution that will get you headed in the right direction, with room to grow and/or add-on down the road. It’s always best to get started when the need is fresh in your mind, rather than waiting for the absolute perfect financial situation (one that may never materialize). We’ll make sure your advertising dollars are well-spent, with targeted, relevant graphic design solutions that really tell your story.

Q:  Why should I hire Premier Designs when another designer is willing to do it much cheaper?

Cost is an important factor when making any purchase — both business owners and consumers will attest to that. However, would you hire a friend who “does brain surgery as a hobby” just because he was a cheaper option than going to the hospital? [Insert resounding “NO” here] I know that might seem like an exaggeration, but the principles remain the same.

You are an expert at your business. Brain surgeons are experts at brain surgery. Our graphic designers are experts at graphic design. We know how to create solutions that attract the attention of your target market while conveying your message effectively. By trusting our judgment and expertise, you’ll be able to SAVE time and money in the long run and get the project done right. Leaving you free to do what you do best.

Q:  I really have no idea what I need or where to start. Can you help?

The short answer… ABSOLUTELY! A lot of people assume they need to come to a design firm or agency knowing exactly what they want to do, how it should mail, what the postage will cost, who it should go to, etc. This might be true for large corporations with internal marketing departments. However, part of our job as your graphic design team is to make the best recommendations for your business.

We can help with every aspect of the design and marketing process, from defining your target audience… to making format/size suggestions for your direct mail piece… designing a responsive website that you can update internally… recommending partner resources to help take your content strategy to the next level… and even helping identify which piece of the puzzle should come first. There are so many different options out there — trying to choose the best ones for your business can be completely overwhelming. Let us come up with a workable, affordable plan, utilizing the best resources for your project.

Q:  I had a horrible experience with my previous designer. What makes you different?

Working with your design team, agency or firm should NOT be a stressful situation or something you dread doing. If it is, you’re not working with the right one. Here are some of the many benefits you’ll get from working with Premier Designs that you won’t find at other agencies.

1. A Process That Works:
We have worked hard at perfecting our process so our clients know exactly what is going on, every step of every project. We know how long things take to complete and adhere to set schedules and deadlines. You will never have to deal with “lost” emails or unanswered voicemails when working with us. We put tremendous emphasis on open communication and value this as the key to a successful working relationship.

2. Experience and Expertise:
We have partnered with the best creative professionals in the industry to bring you cutting-edge solutions. Our designers, copywriters, direct marketers and programmers are all college graduates with years of experience in their respective fields. Continuing education is also extremely important, and we encourage our team to keep their skills sharp by taking online design courses and tutorials. The solutions we produce are at the forefront of technology, and we consistently look ahead to discover the next “big thing” that will help our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3. Exceptional Value:
We take pride in offering outstanding services at a remarkable value — regardless of the size of your business. While we definitely aren’t the least expensive option, our rates are extremely competitive. We realize that our clients don’t like to be “surprised” by a huge bill at the end of a design project, so we try to quote on an assignment (rather than hourly) basis whenever possible. Our policy of open communication prevents budgets from spiraling out of control, and we will always notify you of any projected overages BEFORE moving forward.

4. Personal and Approachable:
We respect and relate to our clients as hardworking business professionals and ensure that we’re available when you need us to be. No question or concern is insignificant… and we always respond to messages within one business day. Guaranteed.

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