I was talking with a friend recently, catching up on life and business. She mentioned that her organization was working on an upcoming webinar. 

“You’re not going to like it though,” she said adamantly. “The title is ‘Why you don’t need a graphic designer.’”

I paused. And yeah, she was right. My gut reaction was not favorable.

But then I thought about it for a second. I mean, do we really need help with anything anymore? With all the technological advances, apps, AI, automation, digital processes, virtual assistants, DIY courses, machine learning, etc. … shouldn’t we ALL be obsolete at this point? 

The truth is that you don’t need a graphic designer.

But ask yourself first, is your valuable free time best spent trying to become one?

Before you invest 10,000 training hours trying to add “Graphic Designer” to your resume, consider this:

The Illusion of Simplicity
In an age where tools and templates are increasingly accessible, the allure of DIY design suggests that crafting a compelling brand is a straightforward task. However, “accessible” is not synonymous with “easy.” 

Effective design isn’t just about placing elements on a page; it’s about telling a story, evoking emotions, and establishing a memorable presence. While these tools provide a starting point, they lack the expertise a professional graphic designer brings to the table. 

Plus, the appeal of intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality promises quick results without the need for extensive design knowledge. But beneath the surface of simplicity, each tool has a massive learning curve that users often underestimate.


DIY vs. Professional
While DIY design may initially seem cost-effective, it often comes at a hidden expense—the compromise of professionalism.

DIY designs often end up as a mishmash of fonts, colors, and graphics, creating a visual identity that’s more “meh” than memorable. Kind of like a homemade cake at a professional bakery’s grand opening. It just doesn’t convey the level of expertise you want your clients and prospects to see.

Hiring a professional graphic designer is like bringing in a seasoned chef; they know the right ingredients, the perfect proportions, and how to bake up a brand image that’s not just visually appealing—but also leaves a lasting impression. It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about building a brand that exudes trust, competence, and a dash of that “secret sauce” only a pro can provide.


Time and Resources
Picture this: you decide to embark on a DIY design adventure, armed with enthusiasm and a couple online tools. Fast forward a few weeks, and you’ve spent way more time than you’d care to admit tweaking fonts, adjusting colors, and wrestling with website layouts. And you’re still nowhere near a design you’re willing to show publicly. 

Is this where your time is best spent?

There’s many things I (technically) could learn to do myself … cut my own hair, do our taxes, remodel our bathroom, etc. But I choose to hire professionals instead. Why? Some tasks are just worth the investment to ensure optimal results and free up my time for other priorities.

The same is true for graphic design and marketing. With an experienced designer, there’s no trial and error. No wasted time. It’s a streamlined process, from concept to a polished design, without the headache. It’s not just an investment in design; it’s an investment in your sanity and getting back to what you do best—running your business.


In closing, your brand isn’t just a logo or color scheme—it’s the handshake you extend to clients and prospects, the promise you make. It has to leave a lasting impression.

Could you do your own branding and design? Technically, yes. But should you? I suppose that’s something each business owner needs to decide for themselves.