Accounting Firm Landing Page Design
Accounting Firm Custom Icons Illustration

Accounting Firm Landing Page Design

Henton & Associates, a well-established CPA firm, sought to revitalize their brand presence and refine their marketing approach. As part of our comprehensive 30-Day Financial Brand Accelerator program, we embarked on a strategic collaboration to elevate their brand identity and streamline their client acquisition process.

Building upon the foundation of a custom brochure, logo, and marketing materials, we recognized the need for a dedicated digital touchpoint that would resonate with their primary target audience. Our solution: a meticulously crafted long-form landing page complemented by a visually striking custom icon set.

The landing page’s singular focus was crystal clear – to provide tailored information that spoke directly to the specific needs of Henton & Associates’ core clientele, while seamlessly guiding them towards scheduling an appointment. Every element, from the compelling copy to the intuitive user experience, was thoughtfully designed to captivate and convert.

Complementing the landing page, our custom icon set added a visually engaging layer, effectively communicating complex financial concepts through a series of crisp, modern icons. This visual language not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal but also facilitated a more seamless understanding of Henton & Associates’ service offerings.

The landing page, coupled with the refreshed brand identity, proved to be a game-changer for Henton & Associates. It successfully increased the number of qualified prospect sign-ups, significantly reducing the influx of unqualified inquiries that previously burdened their internal processes.

It also empowered the Henton & Associates team to focus their efforts on delivering exceptional service to their clients, confident in the knowledge that their brand was effectively communicating their value proposition to the right audience.

This collaboration exemplified a true win-win scenario, where our strategic branding solutions aligned seamlessly with Henton & Associates’ goals, driving tangible results and positioning them as a prominent force in the financial services.

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