Business Lead Magnet eBook Design
Business Lead Magnet eBook Design

Lead Magnet eBook Design

Driven Workforce is a brand new business whose goal is to change the manufacturing industry, specifically when it comes to hiring and retaining quality employees. They came to us looking for help from the ground up — with everything from their company name, to domain, logo, brand direction, copywriting and design. We’re happy to function as their “in house” (out of house) marketing department. And one of our first objectives was to write and design an ebook and autoresponder email series to help build awareness. Working with Driven Workforce’s leadership, we developed an outline for the book and helped rewrite the content. We paired the messaging with strong branding and a design template that can be used for future publications. They’re excited to hit the ground running with branding that is perfectly aligned with their business goals!

Logo design
Design strategy and e-book format
Web-ready artwork
Lead magnet email series

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