Real Estate Website and Branding

In the ever-competitive world of real estate, standing out is paramount. When a top-performing realtor in our home town (Cleveland, Ohio) approached us, her goal was clear – to establish a strong personal brand and an online presence that would captivate potential clients. With years of industry experience under her belt, Jeanna sought a partner who could translate her expertise into a compelling digital narrative.

Our team immersed ourselves in her unique value proposition, crafting a brand identity that exuded professionalism, trust, and a keen eye for detail. The logo’s clean lines and sophisticated (yet unexpected) color palette perfectly encapsulated her refined, approachable style. But our work didn’t stop there. We meticulously designed and developed a cutting-edge website that seamlessly integrated her brand’s visual identity while providing an exceptional user experience.

The results were immediate and impactful. The website became a powerful lead generation tool and clients have praised the intuitive navigation and the personalized touch that made them feel valued from the moment they landed on the site. Jeanna’s newfound brand recognition and online presence propelled her to new heights, solidifying her reputation as a leader in the Cleveland market.

Project management
Logo design and branding
Custom website design
Squarespace development and testing

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Note: content-managed websites are controlled by our clients after delivery. The live site may look different from our original design due to their changes.