Youngstown Airshow

Airshow Website Design After seeing the success of the Wings Over Houston Airshow website, the Youngstown Air Reserve Station approached us wanting an updated site for their 2017 show. We were able to use the same framework and theme built for Houston and customize it to Youngstown's specific needs. Due to inclement weather over the [...]

NuroCalm Landing Page

Supplement Landing Page Design We were tasked with designing a long-form landing page for a supplement company to promote their new product, NuroCalm. They had a completed, 12-page direct mail promotion and we worked with their copywriter to pare the content down so it made sense in a landing page format. The key to this [...]

Aegis3 Fundraising

Fundraising Website Design After a successful logo and branding project, Aegis3 enlisted our help to create a single page, responsive website where they could educate prospects about the fundraising assistance they offer. We helped them with all aspects of this project, including copywriting, design and development in Wordpress. CREATIVE SERVICES PROVIDED: Project management Concept design [...]

Duale Insurance

Insurance Company Website Design Duale Insurance wanted a responsive website to better serve its customers in the Cleveland area. We created a custom Wordpress theme to meet the needs of the business, specifically the ability to quickly call and find directions to the office. Even at more than 5 years old, this site is still [...]

Wings Over Houston

Airshow Website Design Wings Over Houston Airshow came to us in 2016, needing a new website. They wanted a site that would be easy for them to update and modify, and something they could use for several years. We decided to build the site in Wordpress, using the "X" framework as a foundation. From there, [...]